category in ms365 group calendar

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In our organization are shared mailboxes a commom used item.

We want to go with the flow and want to migrate to office365 groups.
This new groups has the future, so the can be used in more options as de shared mailbox.
How ever the group calander is a step back in time.
Many departments uses the calender function of the shared mailbox and uses also the colored category function to see which task and/or messages belongds to which employee.
When an employee change the status of an item every other employee sees this chages at the changed color and description.
In de calender of the MS365 group the catergorization is only functional in the outlook session of an user.
So when a user create a calender item this items appears in every members outlook sessie, however the catergorization whice is made to the item is not visual for the other members.

On the internet I see notice of this back to 2019.
Is there a roadmap which tells when this will be implemented.

Without the categorization the group calender is not useful to us.

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