Cannot delete a private group as group owner (not O365 admin)

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A colleague created a private group and added me. Before he left the company our O365 admin set me up as a group admin in that group. So my group status changed from Member to Owner.


Since Group Life Cycle Management is not available I have to do it manually. So I decided to delete this group in web outlook. However, the only option I have is to leave the group and not to delete it. If i click on leave group I get an error message telling me that I am the only member left and I should change a member to owner... It doesn't make any sense.


Is this a bug? Usually you get to delete a group as an owner. In this case, it is not possible due to a private group?  The workaround is to call our O365 Admin and make him delete this unused group in the admin portal...

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As an owner you should be able to delete a Group. If that is not happening it may be some bug. If you see yourself listed as "Owner" in the members tab, you should be able to get to "Edit Group" settings and then select option to delete. Let us know if you are not seeing the option.

It worked. I tried to leave the group (as the only member) which caused an error message. Then I realized that the option for deleting a group is hidden within the settings - edit group. It would be more intuitive to place it in the settings.


Thank you