Cannot access to my one drive 365 account anymore

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Dear all,


I trust you are all well and safe.

I am struggling with my issue since few days now. I was cleaning a lot of files from my account (premium 365) and it then stopped and since then, I can't access to my files anymore. I could still do a synchro but not anymore. 


It is very stressing situation. I have not much knowledges to understand all but here's the facts.


1) I use Edge and used to use Chrome too and never had any issue for the past year. 

2) I tried Firefox too. 

3) I cleaned cookies, disconnected from the account from pc and mobile. 

4) Now when I try to connect from the app or from, I get this message most of the time "something's not right" and this in my browser bar

5) I've been told that my rights are no longer valid (?). I don't understand what this means and since I am the only user....

6) when I have the chance to somehow connect, I see the main page with the main folders but instead of seeing the typical blue bar on top, it's black. Each time I try to open a folder, it says "listing not found". Try later..... or again




I ve sent a request to Microsoft but I am very scared about my files. 


Anyone can help I am very grateful.







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Oh I forgot to mention that the synchro also stopped with the documents word/Excels I was using and naturally stored in One Drive...