Can you create group mailbox for existing SG?


My goal is to leverage group inbox features of 365 group using existing mail enabled SG.

Alternatively, can I create Group that has same alias as SG in AD?

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No, as M365 groups are not considered security principals (though there's work in place on this front). You can check which groups can be "converted" via Get-EligibleDistributionGroupForMigration. And no on the alias question, that's an unique-valued attribute.

@Vasil Michev 

thanks for the reply... I'm not entirely following you here. what does "check which groups can be "converted" via Get-EligibleDistributionGroupForMigration" mean? Sorry I'm new to this Techcommunity.


Also after I posted this question I learned that Exchange Online has shared Mailbox feature that has more feature like subfolders. Do you happen to know how I can get that setup?

You will need admin permissions for that. Whereas Groups can be created by anyone within the organization by default, only admin can provision shared mailboxes. If you do have sufficient permissions, you can create one via the M365 admin center > Groups > Shared mailboxes or the EAC (or PowerShell for that matter).