Can we change the Group's associated SharePoint site?

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I want my Groups and Team sites under /Teams and my communication sites under /Sites. Since they now share the desired path, I have to change it in SharePoint Admin manually and this is prone to mistake (If you think like me, I created a uservoice


So it happenned, I now have a Group created under /Sites :( .


Is it possible to fix it? I want to keep the e-mail alias but change the sites path.


If I delete it, I have to wait (not sure of the 30 days restore options impact) before I re-create it.


Is there a PowerShell command to change / move the site?

If I keep the group but delete the site, will it be re-created under /Teams if it is the current default?



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@Mark Kashman and @Christophe Fiessinger is it a SharePoint or a Group issue? I posted under Groups but it is a shared service.

Short answer is no, you cannot choose for now what managed path to use when creating a Group / Teams site.....they are always to be created under /sites

We neither support custom managed paths, nor the ability to put a particular group-connected team site under a preferred /path. Hope that helps, Mark.