Can't save Group Classification settings

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Tried enabling Group Classification using the PS scripts here:


$setting[“ClassificationList”] = “Red, Green, Blue”


The drop-down with the values shows up but if I change the value I cant save the Group settings (attached). Does it work for others or is it to early to use?

2016-08-30 08_57_11.png


/ Niklas

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Getting this error in the reponse:
MessageText=An internal server error occurred. The operation failed.
MessageXml=<?xml version="1.0"?>
<XmlNodeArray xmlns:t="" xmlns:m="" xmlns="">
<t:Value Name="InnerErrorMessageText">
Property classification is invalid. <<<<< This seems to be the issue ...
request-id: f9d4abec-4fa4-4f80-80e0-26d9d7b03206
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 07:24:23 GMT
ocp-aad-diagnostics-server-name: mGubvLpN4gmR6g807pUdhnRaa0vTbq3Wp+iA0SbDeV8=
<t:Value Name="InnerErrorResponseCode">ErrorUnifiedGroupMailboxUpdateFailed</t:Value>
<t:Value Name="InnerErrorDescriptiveLinkKey">0</t:Value>
I suspect that the roll-out of all of the infrastructure to support classifications is incomplete. Wait for a few days and try again. The cloud takes time to mature...



Can you please capture the network trace, save it and send it to us?

Thanks, Siva

That's a nice phrase @Tony Redmond - the "Cloud takes time to Mature" :) It's sounds even better in Swedish ("Molnet måste mogna"). I'll take that with me and use in our customer dialogues if it's ok for you. Thnx! 

Sure. Be my guest.