Can’t restore Team in Teams

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Iv been attempting to restore an accidentally deleted Team group using M365 admin centre and Exchange admin centre but the restore fails to initiate. I get the following error in M365 admin centre:

‘Another object with the same value for mailNickname already exists’

Similar message when trying to restore using Exchange admin centre:

‘Restore for unique group failed. SmtpAddress:Email address removed of the group to be restored is not unique. Use the PrimarySmtpAddress parameter to provide a smtpaddress to the group.’

Does anyone know of how to resolve this using either the GUI or perhaps using PowerShell cmdlet? I have about 10 days left in the retention period so look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Thank you in advance
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Start by doing a Get-Recipient check for any duplicate object (check against the "name" value and the SMTP address), then clean up as necessary.