Can't leave a group in O365 (I'm not an admin)

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Hello, I create a group a few weeks ago and now I want to leave it, (I'm the owner) but everytime I try it says that I need to promote one of the remaining member to owner so I can leave. So, I try to promote one of the member to owner but it says that it couldn't promote them and to try again later. This has been going on for a while and I just want to leave the group, and I also can't even delete it as always say that it can't be deleted and to try again. If anyone can offer some insight on what im doing wrong it would be very helpful.



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Dit you try to promote someone else with powershell or delete the group with powershell? As you are not a Admin for O365 please let an admin perform this.


You can use the Add-UnifiedGroupLinks to add users and give theme a role

You can use Remove-UnifiedGroupLinks to remove roles from users and remove users from a group


if this does not work try to delete the group with Remove-UnifiedGroup. before you start with these commands make sure your powershell session is in Azure AD.


Also checkout the microsoft support page:



while PowerShell is great, note the admin can also perform these actions via the Office admin center or via the Office 365 admin app on their phone.

I got around this paradox by using Teams. I removed myself from the Team and that causes to remove me from the group as owner and as member. It was the only workaround I have found.