Can Office 365 groups be used to assign Exchange folder permissions?


Can I assign Exchange folder permissions based on an Office 365 Group?

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If you mean delegation, the answer is yes

Can I, for example, assign Reviewer permission to my calendar for an Office 365 Group? Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín

O365 groups are not security principals, you cannot use them to assign permissions. In ExO that is, I think Juan is probably thinking about SharePoint again :p


In Exchange Online, you can get a list of all security principals via Get-SecurityPrincipal

:-)....not in this case, I was just thinking on the ability to access a Group in the same way you can access a Shared Mailbox by configuring permissions. Anyway, Vasil here is an authority when talking about all around EXO

Actually, Vasil has spent far too much time fiddling with permissions over folders in the group mailbox... But you should listen to him anyway.