Calendar Permissions in an M365 Group

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I have a client that has a M365/Teams group that handles sensitive information. They want their secretary to have editor access to the Calendar in that group without being a member of the group. I have tried to do this through PowerShell unsuccessfully. 


When I try to add a user to the calendar as a normal mailbox, it gives an error stating the mailbox does not exist

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -identity <group>:\Calendar -user <user> -accessrights Editor


When I try to add the user to the calendar as a group mailbox, it gives an error that the groupmailbox switch is invalid

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -identity <group>:\Calendar -user <user> -accessrights Editor -GroupMailbox


Is there any way to add an user, external from the group, to the permission list of the Group Calendar?

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Yes, the switch no longer seems to function. It did so in the past, I even wrote a short blog article with examples, but alas things change in the cloud. The way to control Calendar access currently seems to be by adjusting the members/owners list as needed.