Calendar: Can I make it so a group is emailed (but not invited) when an event is created ?

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I'd like to make an Outlook calendar for my team that we can use to mark our work-from-home days.


Ideally, when someone on the team creates such an event, the whole team would be notified via e-mail, but not have to be "invited" to the event.


Is there a way to configure this in an Office 365 calendar?

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I would look at your options in Microsoft Flow. There are triggers and actions there for knowing when an Office 365 Outlook Calendar event is added, updated, or deleted and then sending an email. 


There is also a trigger for Office 365 Groups called "When there is a new event". Doing a quick test of this one, since it is new to me, it looks like it runs when you create a new appointment/event on a Group calendar.

I think pairing this trigger with your Team/Office 365 Group Calendar and a "Send an email" action, it will accomplish what you are asking. 


Users would just go directly to the Group calendar and create an appointment/event without inviting anyone, then Flow would send the email.



Missed the email part here! I’ll go with flow as an option as well as Kevin pointed out