Broken Office 365 Group Calendar


My organization is just starting to roll out O365 Groups. IT has disabled the ability for end-users to create their own groups, but the Support Desk will create them for end-users on a request-by-request basis. One end-user contacted me to learn more about how to use a group that was created for her before the upgrade to Office 2016.


The issue we noticed is the while the group's calendar does appear in the Folder pane, it's unchecked and she cannot check it. It looks to me like it's a Calendar Group heading.


Broken Group CalendarBroken Group Calendar

Now, she is able to see and use the group calendar just fine in OWA. Is there any secret to getting this to work properly in Outlook 2016? Thanks!


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Is it working for other users in the same group?

Have you tried dropping her access to the group and re-adding it?

Cany you right-click on it, if yes you can try removing it from the list and restart Outlook. In general, Autodiscover needs to be working properly for Groups to work as expected in Outlook, does she have issues with any other Group functionality (accessing conversations or accessing another Group calendar)?

Good tip. She's currently the only user in the group (she hasn't yet sent out invites to other team members), but I'll get her to invite me, then remove and re-add herself to see if it works. I'll let you know.

All other aspects of the group seem to be working properly for her. I'll look into your suggestion, though. Thanks!

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Making the Group a "Favorite" from the Group's interface under the ...'s is what controls whether Outlook picks it up and displays it in the My Calendars list. If somehow she has not favorited the Group, that might explain why she can't seem to take action on it.

I think that was it. We went into her Folders view and found the group calendar there. We were able to right-click the calendar and add it as a favorite. We were then able to delete the Calendar Group heading. Everything is working great now. Thanks!