Backup recycle bin


Is it possible to backup the recycle bin from a group? We want to empty a group recycle bin, but the group wants to be sure for deleting all the items in this bin. Powershell?

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I've created this script to create PST files of specific folders including archive. It might be useful for what you want.

Have a look:

If you have any doubt, please reach me.

Harry are you referring to groups in Outlook or SharePoint? What's the reason/use case to empty it please?

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I think he is referring to the Recycle bin in the Group site...and in that case, this is not a feature provided Today, but it can be done using either a third party tool or some custom code to get the information from the recycle bin and make a backup

Correct, I want to copy the recycle bin from the group to a local file location, and then empty the bin...