Azure AD Premium requirements for Group management - usage report?

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At the bottom of this article is the following information:


IMPORTANT: For all the Groups features, if you have an Azure AD Premium subscription, users can join the group whether or not they have an AAD P1 license assigned to them. Licensing isn't enforced.

Periodically we will generate usage reports that tell you which users are missing a license, and need one assigned to them to be compliant with the licensing requirements. For example, let's say a user doesn't have a license and they are added to a group where the naming policy is enforced. The report will flag for you that they need a license.


I'm looking for that report in my tenants and I can't see it. Where will we find it?

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Agreed, I was wondering how to access this as well and also if it would only appear if there was a discrepancy with the licencing.  Would be great to get some more specifics on this!

'Periodically' is a very vague term to use against licensing requirements. In order to be fair to customers they should be able to generate a compliance report themselves. I suspect enforcement is the issue here. How will Microsoft communicate remediation on fair terms? The only method currently is to blanket licence which is excessive. Thanks for highlighting this Paul.