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Does anyone know if there's plans to add anonymous link sharing to Group files? It's one feature that is making it a little more difficult to move everything from another cloud storage provider into Groups.


Here's a current use case: one of our departments is using another cloud storage provider to hold all of their documents for a bunch of different products. They have one folder set up with 'public' documents, things that clients ask for frequently, that the clients access via a subdomain (e.g. that forwards to the anonymous sharing link. If there was the ability to create anonymous links in Groups then I could move them over and get them set up on Teams with channels for each of the projects.

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It looks like I can enable anonymous links per-Group via the SharePoint Online Management Shell:

set-sposite -identity -SharingCapability ExternalUserAndGuestSharing

Hoping there'll be a UI switch at some point.

Awesome! this worked. thank you.