allow admins and users to choose if they want to receive copies of emails sent to Office 365 groups

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We are facing problem while Emails sending on office 365 group ID,s and sender are not received in an email in user Inbox folder that email are received Group folder and also member who is member that O365 group.
Kindly request please look into this matter as high priority and reintroduce the feature in office 365.

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Abdul Sidique

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The senders will only receive a copy if they are a member of the group, and if they are subscribed to the group.

@Vasil Michev 


Hope sender will not receive the copy of the mail in his/her Inbox even if they subscribed to the group (Follow in inbox). Hope, this is general rule, since he is sending the mail content, the content will be available in Sent box. 


Since Office 365 Group Conversation has been used by other services (Ex: Planner Task Comments), I think he has some specific scenario to send mail copy to sender inbox.

Hi @Kevin Morgan ,

We are not receiving Email last 20 days, in previously all groups ids sender was received mail in inbox folder. 



Sorry I am not sure about existing behavior. But I have tested the case with OWA after seeing your post and experienced the same behavior (Sender not received mail in inbox).


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