Adding Azure AD groups to Office 365 groups

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Is it, one way or the other, possible to add groups from Azure AD to a Office 365 group? Or is it possible to make an Azure AD group (synced from AD) behave as an Office 365 Group? The reason I ask, is because I want to use this group in Stream.

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You cannot nest other Group types inside of O365 Group. The Stream relationship with Groups is unfortunate in this regards...

Didn't I read somewhere that this is on the roadmap?

When I’m in Azure AD and I create a group there I have the ability to enable Office functions. When I do this, I have a Group. This G(g)roup has the same functionalities as a Group made in the O365 portal. However, I can now also use the G(g)roup, made in Azure AD, for the license piece.

When I compare in PowerShell a group created in Azure AD and in the O365 Portal, I do not see any differences except the alias.

How can I see the difference between a G(g)roup made in Azure AD and a Group made in the O365 Portal.

You have to be more specofic here, both places allow you to create a variety of group types. The easiest way to tell the group type via PowerShell is to check the recipienttypedetails proerty, but that's only available for groups recognized by Exchange Online.

Vasil, thanks for the reply.


I try to explain it as clearly as possible.


In Azure AD you can create groups. These groups can provide your Office features. This group can also be used to distribute licenses.


In the Office365 Admin Center, you can create Office Groups. I can not use the group I create here to distribute licenses.


Azure Portal -> Azure Active Directory -> Users and Groups -> All Groups -> + New Group. There i have the option "Enable Office features" Yes or No. i chose Yes. The group i create here i can use for the distribution of licenses. -> Admin Center -> Groups -> Groups -> + Create group -> Type Office 365-group. The group i create here a can't use for the distribution of licenses.


What is the difference between the groups? Both groups have full Office Group features. Nor can I find a difference between the groups. I only notice that there is a difference because I can do some licenses with one group and not with the other group.

I found a difference!
Via PowerShell is visible that a group created in AzureAD with Office features, with the command Get-AzureADGroup -ObjectId ... at SecurityEnabled has True. In an Office Group created at, the SecurityEnabled value is False.

Why is there a difference while the outcome is both an Office Group?
I am having a azure AD group which contains 100 members. Instead of adding 100 members as group members, i want to add azure AD as group member. But while searching for group it is not giving me azure AD group. Azure AD doesn't have email, is that the reason?