Active vs Inactive Office 365 Groups


In order to do some clean-up for our Office 365 Groups we want to make sure that the groups that migt be considered in-active are trully that way.

According to this article:"Last activity date (UTC) refers to the date of the last time file activity was detected on the site."

We are not sure if a group would be active if:

1. There were conversations only (no files uploads at this period);

2. The team used only Planner;

3. Only the OneNote was updated at this period,

Which one of these users - groups interactions would trigger activity and which are considered "hidden' activities.


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In addition to the three items, the other one would be
4. When only Power BI dashboards are updated (completely missed it, but I think this is a valid scenario as well)
If there only certain actions that are recorded as activities, we would inform our users to make sure that they have these updates, so the Group will be active all the time.
Thank you!
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Currently there is no way to know if a group is active / inactive in the way you describe but this is something tha could come in the future so stay tunned

Thank you! Knowing that this is something to conseder in future helps.

Thank you for sharing this article! I did not know about it ... It helps!

We are working on activity to decomission 900+ o365 groups and following Tonys article to find obsolete groups. It is working really well