Ability to create Inbox Subfolders for Groups

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Not finding any info anywhere on this topic so posting here.  


The Need:

  1. The ability to create email subolders just like with our primary email accounts



Ernesto Sanchez

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You're supposed to only be interacting with the Inbox. No other folders, no subfolders. Not a huge fan of this limitation :) Even the Junk E-mail folder is not exposed, which is definitely an issue in my book. But we are supposed to be getting some sort of solution there...

Hopefully sooner then later.  We just want the same functionality that our shared mailboxes have.  We've been trained to use email subfolders so it is akward to not have them for the group inbox.





This limitation, is preventing our organisation from moving to groups and are now looking at no MS solutions, as we have waited long enough for this to be rectified by MS.


Subfolders are required on a group mailbox.

@Vasil Michev 5 Years later and still no solution.  Boo!

Amazing that such a simple feature, which is widely used with other email boxes, is not available in a Group email. Way to go Micro$oft!
Just finding this tread and seeing my problem is over 5 years old and not resolved.
Very disappointing.
We have now integrated Teams in our organization and everything I read about M365 groups indicated that an M365 group would receive a fully functional 'Mailbox.' What they really mean is a fully functional 'Inbox,' not Mailbox. Our groups highly desire and need the ability to create subfolders. I think the documentation needs to be a little clearer on the differences. Hopefully Microsoft will recognize the need for this functionality. Please and thank you!

Incredible how 5 years later there's still no solution for this.

Sharing my frustration with this as well.  The only use as it stands is an email archive to that email address.  With multiple users having access, subfolders is a non-negotiable for the feature to have operational value for a team.  Very disappointing this has not been resolved by now.

This is probably one of the biggest limitations and annoyances with Microsoft 365 group conversations.
This is the only reason many of my customers have not migrated to groups.