Update Group proxyAddress from Graph API

Update Group proxyAddress from Graph API



 Jan 17 2022
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Whenever I modify proxyAddress property of a Office 365 Group from Graph API, I receive the following error,

   "error": {
       "code": "Authorization_RequestDenied",
       "message": "The requesting application is not authorized to set group proxy addresses.",
       "innerError": {
           "date": "2022-01-17T12:01:39",
           "request-id": "328be4b4-eb20-483e-adf7-bb02dfae3be2",
           "client-request-id": "cabb604f-b315-be14-9ba0-9b0571ba7b1b"

If I PATCH without modifying the proxyAddress property at all, then I don't get this error, but whenever I modify the payload for proxyAddress at all, I get this error.


Example, PATCH:

    "proxyAddresses": [
        "smtp:Email address removed",
        "SMTP:Email address removed",
        "smtp:Email address removed",
        "smtp:Email address removed"

I can change other properties and I can successfully set proxyAddress when I create the group, but updates always fail with error. Also, I've tried updating the mailNickname property and this has no effect. I can also update this value from the Office 365 Admin UI by modifying the email (primary / alias) and accomplish exactly what I'm after.


The requested feature/idea is to allow callers to update proxyAddress property of a Group like you can do from PowerShell and the Admin UI. 

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I'm facing the same issue. I've tried to update a group's mail property by calling

PATCH /v1.0/groups/<groupId> { mail: "email address removed for privacy reasons" }

but it fails with Property 'mail' is read-only and cannot be set.


Calling the following endpoint also doesn't work. I get the same permissioning error as posted above.

PATCH /v1.0/groups/<groupId>/proxyAddresses { "value": [ ... ] }
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According the documentation group proxyAddresses is read-only property. It cannot be updated using Graph API. Other properties like mailNickName can be updated successfully.

On many blogs, it mentioned that they are going to add this in Graph API.

Is there any chance or update on this issue.