Update Group proxyAddress from Graph API

Update Group proxyAddress from Graph API



 Jan 17 2022
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Whenever I modify proxyAddress property of a Office 365 Group from Graph API, I receive the following error,

   "error": {
       "code": "Authorization_RequestDenied",
       "message": "The requesting application is not authorized to set group proxy addresses.",
       "innerError": {
           "date": "2022-01-17T12:01:39",
           "request-id": "328be4b4-eb20-483e-adf7-bb02dfae3be2",
           "client-request-id": "cabb604f-b315-be14-9ba0-9b0571ba7b1b"

If I PATCH without modifying the proxyAddress property at all, then I don't get this error, but whenever I modify the payload for proxyAddress at all, I get this error.


Example, PATCH:

    "proxyAddresses": [
        "smtp:Email address removed",
        "SMTP:Email address removed",
        "smtp:Email address removed",
        "smtp:Email address removed"

I can change other properties and I can successfully set proxyAddress when I create the group, but updates always fail with error. Also, I've tried updating the mailNickname property and this has no effect. I can also update this value from the Office 365 Admin UI by modifying the email (primary / alias) and accomplish exactly what I'm after.


The requested feature/idea is to allow callers to update proxyAddress property of a Group like you can do from PowerShell and the Admin UI. 

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I'm facing the same issue. I've tried to update a group's mail property by calling

PATCH /v1.0/groups/<groupId> { mail: "email address removed for privacy reasons" }

but it fails with Property 'mail' is read-only and cannot be set.


Calling the following endpoint also doesn't work. I get the same permissioning error as posted above.

PATCH /v1.0/groups/<groupId>/proxyAddresses { "value": [ ... ] }