Sub Ranges Should Pull Loaded Stats from Parent Range if Loaded

Sub Ranges Should Pull Loaded Stats from Parent Range if Loaded



 Mar 20 2022

As context.syncs are to be avoided I have started loading all properties in the beginning of my routines. I often will use regex to find specific ranges of data I'm working with to avoid having to ask for user input. In VBA I would use a function to return a range, but w/ Office-JS, if I return a range, I need to load the values. So, I switched to return an object w/ the indexes of the data I want and using a for loop to go through the data.


What I would like to do, is be able to make a subrange from those indexes so my for loop can start at zero and my code is more readable. Currently I have to start my for loop using the entire "UsedRange" and then the start number/end number and column index are all variables I pull from the object returned previously from the function. I would love to start the for loop by drilling down to the desired range and then starting the loop at 0. Does that make sense? 


IE: This is a simple example of what I would expect to work:



var rng = ws.getRange("A1:B2")
rng.values = "Hello World"
await context.sync(); // Load Fake Data

await context.sync(); //Load Values into rng
var sub_rng = rng.getRow(0);
console.log(sub_rng.values[0][0]) //sub_rng has lost values