Sharing/saving files from teams/Outlook

Sharing/saving files from teams/Outlook



 Mar 21 2023

While I have been doing a lot of projects involving migrations of fileservers towards SharePoint/Teams, 3 questions keep popping up.

1. Why can't we share files towards Outlook (new message pop-up) from Teams/SharePoint?

A small button in the share context menu to choose "send copy via e-mail" would be fantastic and solve alot of real world issues.

2. Saving attachments or whole emails towards SharePoint/Teams is impossible without syncing with OneDrive, for a users personal files OK but not to sync whole department directories.


3. Saving attachments is limited towards a selection of Teams, with no option to view all.

Why can't we save documents to any SharePoint/Teams site we are member of? Only a few sites are listed (and never the correct ones).


Syncing whole SharePoint libraries just in order to do these 3 simple things, is quite stupid (if I may use that word). And most of the time OneDrive bumps against technical limitations. (max synced files)


Introducing these solutions would help a lot of companies adopt the new way of work with teams.

Currently there are 3rd party solutions on the market that do solve these issues but they cost a lot of unneccesary money and bring in other complexity that most companies do not need. ( DMF)


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