Sharing Excel Workbooks dependent on Add-ins can cause irrecoverable corruption

Sharing Excel Workbooks dependent on Add-ins can cause irrecoverable corruption



 May 31 2022
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Requirement: If an Add-in is present in a workbook, and it is shared with a user who does not have the add-in installed, that user should be prompted to install it.

You can Tag the document on Client side using the Excel API but this does not address the requirement. 

Currently, there is no way to achieve this without tagging the document using Open XML as there is no OoxmlCoercion available in Excel (only Word).

However, webextension and taskpane parts cannot be updated using this method while the document is open, (ie. using JavaScript within a Task Pane app) which means you cannot share an Excel Workbook dependent on an Excel Add-in without ensuring that the recipient has the Add-in installed.

If a Excel Workbook dependent on a Add-in, is shared with a User without the Add-in installed and active, and that user makes changes to the workbook data, the workbook will likely be irrecoverably corrupted.


See Issue on GitHub 



1. Extend OoxmlCoercion to Excel

2. Extend Office.Settings to cover the requirements

3. Extend Office.AutoShowTaskpaneWithDocument to cover requirements

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The related issue was opened on 3 Jun 2022 Sharing Excel Workbooks dependent on Add-ins will likely cause irrecoverable corruption · Issue #261... but not resolved after extensive discussion.


The response to a solution I proposed in Github :

"If you are requesting a JS API to change the Visibility property's value, I'd recommend going to Microsoft 365 Developer Platform Ideas Forum and request a new feature. Our PM team will consider it at the Quarterly planning."


This current suggestion, posted on 1 June is that request. 

This is an urgent critical issue.

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@lindalu-MSFT tagging you as requested in 10 Aug Office Add-ins Community call about triaging this idea/issue. Thanks!