SharePoint Move/Copy Extend SharePoint sites listed to include Group sites without Teams

SharePoint Move/Copy Extend SharePoint sites listed to include Group sites without Teams



 Jun 13 2022
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The SharePoint Move/Copy dialog was recently updated to have two sections: Recent and Teams. The "Teams" section does not include SharePoint sites that are in O365 Groups without Teams.


This is limiting. Recent does not show all recent sites. Teams excludes Group only sites.


In short, we need our users to be able to get to the entire list of SharePoint sites they have access to from the copy/move dialog so they can copy/move files between any two SharePoint sites whether it is a Group-only, Teams site, recent or non-recent site.

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Yes, This change by microsoft is sharepoint functionality breaking.

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Absolutely! This is a must have for a meaningful usage of the whole SharePoint and Teams ecosystem. Please implement this in the near future.

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Spent an hour looking for a solution.  Please implement ASAP and change your KB as well!

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Support cases regarding this change are piling up. You have to re-educate your users to pin the libraries first for them to show up in the new dialog.

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@Florian We cannot pin all of the libraries that we use. For one, we have 100s of sites with multiple libraries. And two, our users do not always know which site they will be needing to move files to in the future. I think a lot of people would agree, a search feature would be ideal. 

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It is noteworthy that Microsoft changes a functioning option into a restrictive thing. We work with multiple SharePoint Sites, so only recent sites is very restrictive. Why not just make all sites visible?

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This is such an awful quality product. Microsoft quality is going downhill.

Why the heck can't we quickly/easily find the site / library we need. we have hundreds of sites, we don't want hundreds of teams now too... just so we can find them in copy to / move to. 

Please - just a site / library search bar would solve it all.


Do microsoft pay low wages and just recruit poor quality people or...? Someones head should roll over this.

How could the company release a product with such a stupid limitation and just do nothing about it?? They are Happy to put prices up, and allow the quality to keep declining at the same time.