Provide support for Addin SSO implementation for Outlook for mobile as well

Provide support for Addin SSO implementation for Outlook for mobile as well



 Mar 14 2022
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At the moment, SSO implementation using OfficeRuntime.Auth.getAccessToken() is supporting only for OWA, Desktop and macOs. We are facing lot of issues when Addins are supported for mobile platforms and use SSO as authorization process. 

we are having different auth code flow implementation for mobile devices but when come to Intune management , we are facing a problem because of Device ID claim is not in access token.

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I would like to add my voice to this.  Is there a plan to add the IdentityAPI 1.3 to the mobile clients? GRAPH SSO works great but having to fallback to a manual login for Outlook on iOS/Android is quite a pain.

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I agree, we are told by Microsoft to switch using Outlook REST over to graph before November 2022. The Microsoft code samples push us to use SSO with IdentityAPI 1.3, but it turns out that this API is not supported on ios or Android, which is a big setback.

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It has been over 6 months since REST got deprecated. And unfortunately there is still no SSO support for mobile Outlook addins. How can we make our addins work seamlessly with mobile? Do we have to use MSAL for mobile? I find MSAL really fragile/buggy especially with multiple accounts in the mobile MS-Outlook app.


Please support mobile SSO. This will really make things a lot easier and better. Thank you.