PowerPoint Copy shape API

PowerPoint Copy shape API



 Jun 06 2023
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A very basic feature such as copying a shape is missing in the PowerPoint APIs. The closes we get (in my understanding) is the general Office API getSelectedDataAsync(Office.CoercionType.XmlSvg). First of all this seems not to work and I have reported this (https://github.com/OfficeDev/office-js/issues/3309) and you have added it to your backlog with bug ID 7823481. Even if it would work as expected it would still only give us the svg vector for the shape and not the adjustment points and other specifics that would be the case for a true copy shape API. 

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The copy shape feature would unlock a vast number of scenarios for add-ins. I'm working on a add-in where this feature is needed and there are no workarounds available. The scenario is basically to copy shapes from one part of a presentation to another slide and repeat the shape(s) and as a next step change some properties of the new shapes, such as text. 

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This (copying a shape) seems to be a really basic capability that would make the API usable , it was the first use case we came up with !