Owned Distribution Lists by/for user in Graph

Owned Distribution Lists by/for user in Graph



 Mar 01 2022

Our users want to get a list of owned Distribution Lists for a given user (upn) which graph currently does not seemingly support.  We followed the documentation and we made a call to get OwnedObjects




then ensured that mailEnabled = true and securityEnabled = false.  Furthermore our business unit did not want O365 groups so we had to parse out groupType = 'Unified' to get distribution Lists proper.    This however returns no correct data.  Our Cloud team assures us that they are creating groups that are distribution lists but we get nothing back from the graph API.  


We have been advised that we need to pull back all groups from Azure AD periodically, write the results to a  table and then check the user against the results as the only way to do this.  Since these rarely change and the volume of data is immense, this seems like a very inefficient way to do anything.  I/we would like to see Graph updated to better support the retrieval of data on demand via graph call as it is related to users.