Outlook Calendar: display event times in user's timezone in edit view

Outlook Calendar: display event times in user's timezone in edit view



 Nov 03 2021
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I would like to see the event times in my timezone in Outlook Calendar all the time regardless of the timezone used when event was created.


For example: 

Event is created with UTC timezone but my timezone is UTC+2

(this can happen when using different integrations or calendar syncs which create events for me in my calendar)


Current behavior:

  1. Open Outlook Calendar - event times in UTC+2
  2. Click on the event and a little popup is shown - event times in UTC+2
  3. Click edit and the short form for editing is displayed - event times in UTC+2
  4. Click on more options and the full form is displayed - event times in UTC

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 11.29.16.png


Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 11.29.05.png


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please resolve this, it adds difficulty to database adoption as it is confusing to employees

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Yes, it's even more confusing for us Down Under (Australia and NZ) as the UTC timezone is so far different from the one we are in here. Please, please update. 

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Same here in France. It is so confusing. Please sort this out (it must be very simple to resolve too)

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This is the same with me and with google!
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This causes great confusion for our users, and even more concerning, it's confusing to clients and other important 3rd parties who aren't warned of the situation.

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Same problem with the integration of Pipe Drive. Please resolve the point


Please submit this feedback for Outlook application here: Outlook · Community (microsoft.com). Thank you.

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Yes, please solve this, it's so confusing, and makes it almost impossible to rely on Outlook calendar for business appointments.

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Same issue, it's confusing and not making it easy for reporting 

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Please, the resolution of this incident is very important. It generates a lot of confusion and it makes our day-to-day work too difficult.  Thanks!

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Please, this is very disturbing to our day to day work! Several people we communicate with daily also seem to be affected by this bug and it makes Outlook a less than ideal choice when integrating with other apps.

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please resolve this!!!!!

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I would like to this to be fixed please, it's so confusing for clients.

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Please solve this issue.

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Thanks for info.

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Benutze ebenfalls Pipedrive.


Der aktuelle Zustand ist inakzeptabel - bitte Microsoft löst dieses Problem. Ich bezahle jährlich Geld und erwarte - ehrlich gesagt - dass die Produkte einwandfrei funktionieren.