MS Teams API for meeting events

MS Teams API for meeting events



 Jan 07 2022

Hi! We use MS Teams for high quality meetings. We also like to automate much tasks to make things  simpler. I heave several requirements for accomplishing some real time automations during a conference meeting:


1. Possibility to get Active speaker user name as an event - the name of the person who just started speaking in a live ongoing meeting. At the moment this is needed to display custom titles for conference broadcast automatically. Overall a better API for managing custom conferences in Teams would be good. 


2.  More advanced formatting options for customized CART captions. Currently received captions occupy an entire line in MS Teams, no difference between just one word or a longer sentence. So if you HTTP POST separately "Hello and welcome", "Hello", "Hi", "Hi" you will not have a chance to read the first post. An option would be needed to just add text by word and start a new line only if the line is full or too much time has passed since last text arrived (for example ~10 seconds) or if a line break is received \n.