Mail Acknowledgement Feature

Mail Acknowledgement Feature



 Sep 19 2022

Hi Team


In past one year working in team, i found when we work in our office consisting of 20+ members. our team has one command DL which having all these people in it. so whenever i receives mail and same time two or more member works on same mail and after a while one sent reply on it feels like on same issue i also was working that waste my efforts and times.


To reduce such issue i feel we should have a feature which tell us that if any team member seen or acknowledge the mail and working on it then he/she can mark it ack or working so that other team member will know this and they will not work on same issue. 

this will reduce the time and effort of person.


Example: A team email address removed for privacy reasons has comman DL and having 20 member in it and one user Somesh sent mail to this DL so all member or this DL receives the mail.

Scenario 1: if we don't have acknowledgement feature may be 20 members start working on it and one who solve the issue replies others works and effort got wasted.


Scenario 2: if we have acknowledgement feature then one will ack and mark it ack* then other will not work on this.


I hope my idea is clear to all.


Thanks and Regards


Vipin Mishra.