M365 Manager field

M365 Manager field



 Feb 25 2022
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We currently federate our Azure AD through Okta.


We do not have on-prem AD.


Due to to the fact that the manager field in M365 or AzureAD can only be update through on-prem AD when synced, and Okta effectively plays that role, we are unable to use the manager field in M365 or Azure AD across all services. The Okta field also doesn't populate through to Azure AD/M365.


Please can this be changed as more and more businesses only deploys Azure AD with fed services.


Can you perhaps set this field via the Graph API or even Power Automate?

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I tried Graph, same result - not sure how to do it in Power automate?


Set-MgUserManagerByRef : Unable to update the specified properties for on-premises mastered Directory Sync objects or objects currently undergoing migration.

According to this - Set-MgUserManagerByRef (Microsoft.Graph.Users) | Microsoft Docs that field is read only.


I have a feeling that the Manager field actually comes from SharePoint so maybe via there? Failing that, log a support request with MS in your tenant, they are free.

Have u tried this command?? - Set-AzureADUserManager (AzureAD) | Microsoft Docs

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Yep, that is where it all started, actually. Tried that a few times, but you get the exact same error as through the Admin centre

Log a support call with MS from inside your tenant I suggest then or dive into the specific Graph developer forums.

@QduBruyn I just tried the set-azureadusermanager and it worked fine for me:




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Are you federated through Okta with no on-prem AD?

Nope, pure cloud not sure how Okta works exactly but if it has write back it should work but if Okta is involved then I think you'll need to talk to them as it clearly can be added to Azure AD without the need for on prem AD. The limitation appears to be Okta. Just as a reference for others - O365 WS-Federation Okta to Azure AD "manger" attribute sync

"For Okta mastered users unfortunately, even though you have a value added for the Manager, it will not be pushed into O365."