Links to Emails

Links to Emails



 May 04 2023
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It would be fantastic if, when I open an email, I could somehow copy the link to that email and paste it in my project management software like I can with Gmail.  This doesn't work on Outlook. The URL just takes me to the inbox or sent emails or whatever, but it doesn't take me to the specific email.


This makes it extremely time consuming and difficult to find exactly what I need each time a task comes up. I basically have to search my email for something related to that task and then scroll through the hundreds of emails until I find the right one.  This is especially tiresome when I have multiple similar emails.  Would really appreciate a way to access specific emails using a unique URL for each individual email.

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Further to this, when you extract the webLink property of an email using MS Graph API, the url is not static. When the ID of the email changes, the webLink doesn't work. I thought the ID was static, but seems to be a generated hash of some sort (so it changes when I modify the email, e.g. alter subject, move email to different folder). A static url to the email, even when the content of the email changes, would be nice please