Item level security for Microsoft Graph Connectors

Item level security for Microsoft Graph Connectors



 Apr 23 2021
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In MIcrosoft Graph Connectors, it should be possible to have item level security on the search results regardless of the connector and regardless of the connector authentication by mapping identities.


If I for example buy the connector for Google Drive from one of the vendors, which has a different authentication method, tenant admins should be able to map item level identities to microsoft identities, in order to show only the results they are entitled to see


Can you give more details around this request?  Graph connectors support item level permissions currently through the Access Control List (ACL) that is defined during ingestion of items.  Currently only Azure AD users, Azure AD groups, and external groups (custom definition by the connection author) are supported.  Reference: Create, update, and delete items - Access Control List 

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