Hope to Offce.js support custom location display names

Hope to Offce.js support custom location display names



 Aug 08 2023


Some enterprise users have encountered this issue where they cannot book meeting rooms across different tenants. We are aiming to address this problem by developing a add-in plugin. We have successfully verified the issue of booking, and the only remaining concern is the incorrect display name.

We have retrieved the meeting room name of another tenant through the API, but we would like to place this name in the designated location.If the 'locations' of the 'Office.MailboxEnums.LocationType.Room' type supports a customizable display name, it could solve our issue. As far as I know, the Graph API allows specifying the room name for multiple tenants when creating an event's locations.

Like this:

let item;
const locations = [

"displayName": "RoomName1",
"id": "email address removed for privacy reasons",
"type": Office.MailboxEnums.LocationType.Room

Office.initialize = function () {
item = Office.context.mailbox.item;
// Check for the DOM to load using the jQuery ready method.
$(document).ready(function () {
// After the DOM is loaded, app-specific code can run.
// Add to the location of the item being composed.