Handler to detect Save event on Office Addin API

Handler to detect Save event on Office Addin API



 Mar 03 2022
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I would like to send some data to a server, said data fetched from the Outlook event, and I would like to have the latest updated data on the server.


In Office.AppointmentCompose interface from Microsoft Office Addin JS API, there is no handler to detect when the user clicks the Save button or when presses CTRL+S, in an Outlook Event.









I found this, but this is only applicable to buttons inside the Add-in

// In this example, consider a button defined in an add-in manifest as follows:
//<Control xsi:type="Button" id="eventTestButton">
//    <Label resid="eventButtonLabel" />
//    <Tooltip resid="eventButtonTooltip" />
//    <Supertip>
//        <Title resid="eventSuperTipTitle" />
//        <Description resid="eventSuperTipDescription" />
//    </Supertip>
//    <Icon>
//        <bt:Image size="16" resid="blue-icon-16" />
//        <bt:Image size="32" resid="blue-icon-32" />
//        <bt:Image size="80" resid="blue-icon-80" />
//    </Icon>
//    <Action xsi:type="ExecuteFunction">
//        <FunctionName>testEventObject</FunctionName>
//    </Action>

// The button has an id attribute set to eventTestButton, and will invoke
// the testEventObject function defined in the add-in.
// That function looks like this:
function testEventObject(event) {
    // The event object implements the Event interface.

    // This value will be "eventTestButton".
    var buttonId = event.source.id;

    // Signal to the host app that processing is complete.

I also found this list of events, but they don't include save event.

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The ability to detect Save processing is critical in the Word API as well. In our case, we make service calls to a back end service on various events, and Save is definitely one we need to be able to hook.