Graph Explorer /sharedWithMe Call response improvement

Graph Explorer /sharedWithMe Call response improvement



 Mar 30 2022



Last Monday I submitted a question on the Microsoft Q&A page. The main problem that I ran into was that the list of shared OneDrive items that the Graph Explorer /sharedWithMe Call returns is not properly updated when one of the shared items has been removed from OneDrive/Sharepoint.


As described in my question on the Q&A page, an Excel-file that was shared with me at first correctly occurs in the list from the API Call. However, after removing this file from OneDrive/Sharepoint (also from the recycling bin), it still occurs in the /sharedWithMe response. 


Two days after I submitted the question on the Q&A page, I wanted to check if the deleted Excel-file is still in te response. But for some reason it is not there anymore. Is there maybe some sort of delay? In my opinion an Excel-file should immediately disappear from the Call's response after it was deleted from OneDrive/Sharepoint.


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