Graph API Presence should support Application permissions

Graph API Presence should support Application permissions



 Apr 16 2021
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Currently only delegated user permissions are supported, and this is very sub-optimal for bots and service applications that need to monitor Teams presence of users.



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We'd really like this feature. The name of the Application permission Presence.ReadWrite.All suggests that the intention is to make reading available? Otherwise why is it not just called Presence.Write.All?

Is there any update from Microsoft on this? 

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I just read this thread so far and laughed as hard as could be, hurting my ribs.  Why?  Because I'm going through these exact same hoops everyone else is here and it is maddening.  Yes, I'm in a position where delegated permissions would work, by why?  You want me to subscriptions for each user and re-up it every hour in my app?  Really? Or.......... once.

Let us make that decision.  Is presence info REAAAAALLY that important?

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I will pray that this option will be allowed as soon as possible, because most of our company works remotely ...

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I struggle to find a reason why data as public as user presence should be available in a limited scope, but not in in an application wide environment. As @DaveHmp pointed out, the name Presence.ReadWrite.All strongly suggests that read access was intended.


In a callcenter setting, this feature is all but essential.

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Upvoting, and agreed Presence.ReadWrite.All does suggest full read access to the presence libraries was intended.   Need this to determine everyone's presence status from an app level for a dashboard app.

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In an age where remote working is definitely the norm; being able to neatly integrate presence information with external platforms would be invaluable. Whether that's for notification routing or for consistency between systems.


We have an internal portal which pulls several systems together and provide staff with useful information and dashboards, and it would be good to bring in presence information, so as our staff move between Teams, Outlook and our bespoke platform it all feels part of one cohesive ecosystem.

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Upvoting as well.


Almost 1 year now, still no update. PLEASE try to listen users' voice.


We have a service to read and sync user's presence between Teams and another communication software, without get presence permission, we have to ask our customer to provide an bot user with password for us to do under delegate permission, quite annoying. 


@Darrel Miller 

Since it is named Presence.ReadWrite.All, please make "Read" works, otherwise remove "Read" to avoid misleading.

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Up voting too - Please can this be done ASAP.


Please can this be fixed so we are to integrate Users presence with external systems.

Thank you.

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Bump - I've also being troubleshooting why READ isn't working and found this thread!

Similar use case - we have a custom staff directory on our intranet that we would love to surface the Teams presence onto. We are a large enterprise company and delegated token is not ideal since we have contractors and third parties out width our tenancy that browse our staff intranet directory.

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@Darrel Miller There is any plan to support Application access on this API call?
Delegated access means also that in a multi user application, where every user can see the presence of other users, each user do an API call, stressing the tenant server, or an user must make a login every time it expires and keep a browser instance open to poll presence data.
Both workarounds are deemed unsatisfactory by our clients.

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Hi @Darrel Miller 
Any news on this one?

How many upvotes are necessary for a request to be considered?

Presence.ReadWrite.All should be able to read too, or they should name it just Presence.Write.All.

And Presence.Read.All should also be available for Application.

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With the lack of forward motion on this, we've essentially given up on using Teams presence.


It's more effective and reliable, in fact, for our own application to maintain a presence state, and for it to write through and set a user's Teams presence, since there does exist the Application-level Presence.ReadWrite.All permission scope.


It baffles me that this many years on, such basic functionality for Teams with regards to a developer SDK are unimplemented.

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Would anyone from Microsoft care to give an update on this? The description on the permission explicitly says that this gives the app access to read all presence info. It would be really good to know if this was included by accident in the text or if there is actually an intention to make this available soon.

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We really need this, it's weird that we have a way to set presence but not to read it.

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It would be really great to have this feature working for our monitoring dashboard solution where we give overall overview of the presence for all agents

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Yes it would. And expose the custom status as well. I have a web based dashboard and a teams tab app dashboard that both could use this. This is the one thing my users and management constantly ask for that they miss from Slack.

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It has been moved to this location, and might be available in some preview late november 2022.



Hey Oyvind1234,


I'm still here. I'm still relaying the feedback to the team that prioritize this work. I don't own this feature and can only help to echo the feedback you folks are providing. I hear your frustration but the team that own this specific feature have limited resources and currently they have higher priorities.



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Hi @Darrell 


I think you are replying to a deleted comment. :)


In this forum they say it will be available in a preview late november:


Have a nice day.

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The late November preview looks to be associated with the Planner API, not presence, unless I'm missing something. Got my hopes up then!

Two separate links to same issue on this forum.

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@DaveHmp Ah, sorry, and thank you.


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@Darrel Miller 
Our team is looking forward to the "Set presence" feature. Is it being worked on for app-only scenarios lately? Is it still in your road map?