Graph access to other users' tasks

Graph access to other users' tasks



 May 04 2021

It would be really useful if the Graph had access to another users' tasks (e.g. Outlook/To Do tasks - that are generated by tagging people in Word/OneNote, etc).


While exploring meeting based action management options, we found that while it was very easy to create tasks for individuals (e.g. via tagging in Word or OneNote), there's limited visibility of these tasks going forward, other than for the person they are assigned to.


While Planner works well for providing manager/reporting level overviews, there are still this other set of "personal" tasks that are only accessible to the specific user.


It would be very useful, in the context of say Power Apps or Power Automate, to be able to, in some way, manage or at least make visible, these tasks.


This might raise some privacy issues, as there may not be a distinction between tasks assigned to a user vs tasks they've given themselves - so users would need to be told that these tasks now have greater visibility - but perhaps it's limited to admin level accounts, rather than e.g. Manager, so that they're only exposed in an IT controlled manor.