Get a list of shared mailboxes

Get a list of shared mailboxes



 Jan 10 2022
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There is currently no way to get a list of shared mailboxes or determine whether a User account is actually a shared mailbox. Ideally there would be a new top-level object -- eg.,

GET /sharedMailboxes

(A members property of this new object would address another shortcoming of Graph -- the inability to get the members of a shared mailbox.)

A shorter-term solution would be to have a flag on the user object indicating that it is a shared mailbox. 

Context: Our app operates only on shared mailboxes (distributing mail to members and reporting on activity). Our onboarding process currently requires the use of a PowersShell script because that's the only way for us to determine whether a mailbox is a shared mailbox or a user mailbox. We want to simplify this process and make it completely web-based, making it easier for customers.

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As you can  invoke PowerShell commandlets from a c# exe file, why don't you want to create your own app that will work both with PowerShell and with GRAPH?

Here is an example of such thing: CentralOOF.

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Thanks, Victor. Our product is a multi-tenant SaaS app available from the Office Store. It has to be trivially easy to install and use; it also cannot assume the customer has a Windows desktop. 

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Well, I'm not  talking about Windows-based app - I've just tried  to say you can invoke PS commandlets from your custom application.

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Your reply says ".exe" file. :) Anyway, our goal is to have a simple onboarding and configuration process for our SaaS app. We don't want to create and maintain apps for multiple platforms or the customer to have to download an app or a script or anything else—the app is on the web and, with the appropriate permissions, they should be able to do everything there. 

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I have both outlook and yahoo and want send email from one to the other. Shaun Crocker