Excel Ribbon - change size of Ribbon buttons in custom tab

Excel Ribbon - change size of Ribbon buttons in custom tab



 Aug 24 2022
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Currently the default size is large for all Ribbon buttons in custom tab. It'd be great if the size can be preset to small or large size and programmatically changed similar to desktop Excel Add-in in normal or large, eg:

<button id="Dashboard" label="Dashboard" size="normal">

Iron Contributor

We request this functionality for contextual ribbons defined programmatically.

Brass Contributor

This is the ribbon we have in our classic, COM-based add-in:


Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 09.21.35.png

We are trying to port our add-in to the new Office JS API and want to replicate the user experience as best as we can.


I remember this being a limitation when we first looked at the API a few years ago but I am surprised to see the ribbon API still doesn't have full support for the different options used by Excel and other office apps internally.

Copper Contributor

I have seen this question multiple times on stackoverflow over the past years. This is a fundamental obstacle to switching from COM add-ins to web add-in development.