Excel Active Cell - Configuratble Display Capabilities

Excel Active Cell - Configuratble Display Capabilities



 Mar 04 2022



When Presenting spreadsheets, want to be able to customize the active cell outline and/or shading. 


I am always asked what cell am I talking about when we are reviewing information and/or giving demonstrations.


I want the following that everyone would gain from having:

  1. Ability to change the color and thickness of the active cell outline border- defaults to green.
  2. Ability to have the active cell able to highlight within the outline border - bright white, yellow, etc.
  3. If this cannot be done natively there should be a "presentation mode" drop down in the review section where these 2 types of features can be enabled while presenting.  Sort of like holding CTRL key and left clicking the mouse in a PowerPoint slide to turn on the Laser Pointer but not requiring use of the CTRL key.  

I think this would be incredible to have and would avoid so much frustration that I run into on a daily basis.


Here's hopin'!