Decrease customer uptake complexity with Azure Admin

Decrease customer uptake complexity with Azure Admin



 Feb 02 2022
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In our Product we provide extensibility for Microsoft services to enhance user experience by creating calendar invites for meetings.

To achieve this goal we are using Microsoft Graph API Apps following attributes:

- Tenant URL 

- Client ID

- Client Password

- Mailbox (on which behalf to create calendar events)

Specific Permissions (READ+Write to Calendars, READ USERS)


Problem: Customers find it difficult to create this setup on their own in their Azure Tenant to provide these details into our Product. We oftentimes have to assist them during Over the shoulder meetings. Or continue troubleshooting the product with them over several emails. That's takes time, get our support and development teams involved and decreases customer adoption of Microsoft features. 


Proposed solution: Azure template Apps for enterprises.

Organisations like ours would create App custom template inside Azure that would specify App type, Permissions and required fields to be moved to our Product. Azure wizard in last step would provide publicly available URL to generate this type of Apps. Our customers would be able to easily generate the required values for their apps by visiting URL and Wizard auto-populating fields for them. Then by simply coping these details to our Product, the integration would be finished.


Interesting Idea. Are you familiar with Multi-Tenant Applications where you would register a single application in your tenant, and then customers can register for use in their tenant? Single and multi-tenant apps in Azure AD - Microsoft identity platform | Microsoft Docs


This would cover most of your needs, but not have application specific parameters such as the mailbox to use to create calendar events on behalf of. If you are hosting your application on Azure, you can also publish an ARM template (and put in the Azure Marketplace) to capture additional parameters and support deep extensibility. 

Azure Marketplace - Prerequisites for ARM Template Development | Azure Docs


Barry Gervin