Create sandbox will not come up after joining developer platform

Create sandbox will not come up after joining developer platform



 Jan 31 2024
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I want to lern more about MS 365 by learn-platform from Microsoft. So they wrote there, to sign up to developers network an get the free E5 license for learning purposes. 


So i signed up, everything works as written everywhere, but after the "3 forms to fill out", when it switches to the dashboard, nothing more happes.


Everywhere i have looked on videos (tutorials) then there should come up a screen to create (choose between the 2 options) the sandbox. But this does not happen here.


I also have received the welcome-message, where they also say that the next step is to add a new subscription on the dashboard, to set up a sandbox. But it is not possible/shown.


I will show you a screenshot of what i will get/see.


Hope that someone can help me, because at MS support chat, they could not. They told me 2 times that i will get a callback from someone who is responsible, but nothing happened... :(


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Experiencing the same issue.  

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I was experiencing the same issue two days ago - simply a blank screen after joining. As of today, I am getting the following message:




Does anyone have any knowledge about it?


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The same issue is happening with me.

I think Microsoft is limiting access to the MS365 Developer Program only for VS-paid members. I hope they revise their policy to provide us access to the sandbox again because we need it for learning and development.

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I am experiencing same issue :(