CQD Feature Enhancement Requests

CQD Feature Enhancement Requests



 Jun 17 2021

I am looking for help and/or looking to request added features to CQD that will help me troubleshoot call issues.

To preface this I need to explain where I was previously employed I had implemented Teams and Microsoft Phone Services & Calling Plans. At the beginning of the implementation, after porting numbers and cutting over to the Microsoft services every 3rd or 4th call coming into our company was experiencing issues. The issue was the call would connect but the audio would not. For example, the first time a caller would call in they would not be able to hear the intended recipient but the intended recipient could hear them. The person would hang up, call back in, but now the caller could hear the intended recipient but the intended recipient could not hear the caller. Finally, on the 3rd call attempt, the audio would connect and the services worked as intended. It was after this 3rd call that communication between both parties would work and they would consider the call completed.

Unfortunately CQD would consider the call completed in all 3 instances simply because whatever backend system was feeding data to CQD didn't measure all aspects of the call. It appears CQD, or whatever service is feeding data to CQD, is only concerned with the ACK and reports the call completes after seeing the ACK. But with my calls it appears there was an issue with the RTP. Not sure of the RTP issue but Microsoft support worked with the Microsoft Phone Services back end to resolve the issue.

It took 3-4 weeks but they eventually resolved it.

Unfortunately I looked like an idiot to the business owners since I would have to send an email out multiple times a day to ask the users if they had any call issues. I would have to ask them what time the troubled call came through and what the number of the incoming caller was so it could then be traced by Microsoft support. Rather than me being able to receive an alert from CQD letting me know the time, the incoming callers phone number and the intended recipients phone number.

So, with that background, I wish to make feature enhancement requests for the following.:

1. For CQD to be able to recognize an issue with the RTP connection, even after a successful ACK, and report this as an unsuccessful call due to RTP/RTCP issues in CQD.

2. A way for CQD to send me an alert to a failed call that either has an issue connecting or has an issue with RTP.

3. A MUCH easier way for CQD to identify the user who experienced the failed call or call quality/call audio issues. All of our user accounts, email addresses and DIDs are in our Microsoft tenant. Why can't we have CQD report the actual user information when there is an issue other than the time the call came through? Company owners don't understand that all the money they are paying for Microsoft services doesn't aid us in troubleshooting.

4. An ability, once CQD has identified the user who experienced these call quality issues, to quickly identify whether the person is A. in the office, B. at home, or C. on their cell phone or working at a coffee shop or airport or what not. We have the network topology documented in Teams. Why can't it collect the user's external IP address from their home ISP, too, so we can categorize that is Home.


Thank you