Context menus in Outlook Web Add-ins

Context menus in Outlook Web Add-ins



 Jan 19 2022
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As it seems, currently Outlook Web Add-ins do not support context menus (e.g. the menu which appears when the user right clicks on an appointment).
However, native Add-ins seem to support this (There is a "Send to Onenote" button which appears on Outlook).

This functionality is very useful, especially since Web Add-ins also do not support tasks panes to stay always open. This causes that the user needs to reopen the task pane again and again every time he opens an appointment.

Our use case would be: right click "Take Notes" which opens a Task Pane where the user can take meeting notes.

Looking forward to get the OfficeDev's feedback on this!
Thank you

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A long time since we raised this and the rest of the new Outlook is coming along, but will still be blocked while one click OneNote integration is missing.


Can we get an ETA?


There are no plans at the moment to add this. More info in the GitHub issue posted previously.

Status changed to: Completed
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Send to OneNote option is unavailable for IMAP emails. This was available in the classic app.


@lindalu-MSFT This remains a blocker and reduction in productivity, how do people get it flagged for reconsideration?


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Are there any updates on when this new feature will be added to Outlook? @Ross Johnson @lindalu-MSFT