Attendance meeting report in graph API v1.0

Attendance meeting report in graph API v1.0



 Jun 09 2021
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I have started using the graph API to pull meeting data in a database. I am specifically interested in pulling the attendance reports. I was able to go all the way to getting meetings from users calendar, get meeting ID's and final step to pull attendance reports seems to be in beta and I can't use a registered app in Azure to access this data. Is it possible to get this data using application permission rather than delegated permissions which is not suitable for automation.

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In Teams Admin, under the Users menu I can access to list of Meetings and Calls. For a conference I see the exact Timeline and I can export the details in Excel format.
Specifically, I can download SessionStartTime and SessionEndTime for every user SessionId.

I'm interested to obtain same information from an API.


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Hello @sbravo


you can retrieve it with Calls Records Change notification, with the call ID you can get from graph api  the detail of the call in json format :


But, you can have a lot of data in a call and it's difficult to analyze because you need to recreate all the logic and measure you can see in CQD and the properties are sometimes empty or missing.

It need a lot of work !