Application Permissions for Planner APIs

Application Permissions for Planner APIs



 Apr 11 2021
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Working on it

At the moment, only user permissions are available, making building enterprise scale applications integrating Teams with Planner very difficult, with less than ideal workarounds (such as adding a service user to every Team).



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Need this for Sys admin reporting I do on Group usage. This is a big gap from an Administrative standpoint.

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This is an absolutely necessary feature, I need to automate Task assignation using complex business logic without human intervention. I can't do it without having to use a standar User to impersonate the process, this is not good, the whole process will fail if the user gets removed.

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Massively needed and overdue!

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Nothing on the horizon unfortunately :sad:

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Please look at us :) we are innocent developers. We just want to bring peace to the people out there who want to integrate planner within teams, or assign tasks through automate and i can go on and go on, please help us help you make product better then ever. 
Thanks @v-LuiseFreese for bringing this to my attention. 



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looks like read-only app permissions were being looked at way back in July 2020:

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All that effort to make Planner look great, work well and surface in many places; then no way to automate deployment or integrate where needed. 

The sooner this is addressed the better teh platform will be

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Not being able to create a Planner when doing a combined Teams/SharePoint provisioning experience is a pain in the ***
Please get this moving already

This would immediately impact several of my enterprise/government/education customer tenants

Without a doubt, application permissions support for the Planner API is needed.

Status changed to: Working on it
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This rates as a solid Yay!

Thanks for the update @lindalu-MSFT