Allow me to retrieve my own calls from Graph

Allow me to retrieve my own calls from Graph



 Apr 28 2021
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Currently the API to get calls from Graph require Application permissions. However, I think it is natural to be able for a person to retrieve their own calls with delegated permissions, just as they can get their own chat messages, etc.


So I would like to hereby request that the /communication/calls/ endpoint can be called with delegated permissions.

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We would like to see this as well 

Request for a me/callRecords endpoint with delegated permissions

As @nielsbrinch  said this should be a Delegated permission CallRecords.Read unlike the /communications/callRecords/ which is only Application CallRecords.Read.All

Ideally a GET request to me/callRecords would return a list of call records for the authenticated user. 

And then me/callRecords/{​​​​​​​id}​​​​​​​ would return additional details about a specific callRecord

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Is there any news on this? This is becoming increasingly important. Customers want our app to get access to their calls, but their organization doesn't want to give access for the whole tenant. Allowing callRecord retrieval through delegated permissions would fix this problem.