Allow me to retrieve my own calls from Graph

Allow me to retrieve my own calls from Graph



 Apr 28 2021
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Currently the API to get calls from Graph require Application permissions. However, I think it is natural to be able for a person to retrieve their own calls with delegated permissions, just as they can get their own chat messages, etc.


So I would like to hereby request that the /communication/calls/ endpoint can be called with delegated permissions.

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We would like to see this as well 

Request for a me/callRecords endpoint with delegated permissions

As @nielsbrinch  said this should be a Delegated permission CallRecords.Read unlike the /communications/callRecords/ which is only Application CallRecords.Read.All

Ideally a GET request to me/callRecords would return a list of call records for the authenticated user. 

And then me/callRecords/{​​​​​​​id}​​​​​​​ would return additional details about a specific callRecord