Allow management of Teams voice, call queues and auto attendants etc through graph

Allow management of Teams voice, call queues and auto attendants etc through graph



 Apr 15 2021
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Currently the only supported model is the teams powershell module, that doesn't support azure ad apps however.

We'd love to automate creation and updates to call queues and the like, but we don't like to use an administrative account without mfa. Graph would be perfect for that.
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We have a management platform that automates, among other things, onboarding and offboarding of Teams users. This includes provisioning of voice services for those users. We also automate management of auto attendants and call queues. Finally, we orchestrate migration of voice services from legacy PBXs (e.g. Cisco Call Manager) to Teams - hunt groups and auto attendants to Teams call queues and auto attendants, as well as end user migration. To accomplish all of this we currently, out of necessity, use PowerShell and service accounts with administrative access, and without MFA. We are receiving a great deal of pushback from our service provider and enterprise clients about our use of admin accounts for this, but at this point there seems to be no alternative. We would like to see one of two things: either full support for modern authentication in the Teams PowerShell module, or Graph API support for Teams voice services (formerly Skype for Business Online).

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Dear Microsoft


We have a lot of requirements from customer for self service management of Auto Attendant or Call Queues Services from Receptiondesk Users. The only available solution is to use PowerShell with a Teams Admin Service Account embedded in a PowerShell Script. But this is a big security concern from many customer to handout the Teams Admin Account, even if we use the account embedded or hidden in a PowerShell Script or WinForm GUI Tool. One additional Issues is, that you have to maintain the local installed PowerShell Module on the Clients.  The only long term solution would be with Graph with granular Admin Rights and no need for PowerShell Module Installation.


To Microsoft: Please share your roadmap for such Automation cabability with Graph


many thanks


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Urgent, we need an opportunity to manage call queue and auto attendant without teams admin rights

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This is a very important point as Users cannot change message on Call-Queue from the client