Add Support for Connectors / Connection Shapes in PowerPoint

Add Support for Connectors / Connection Shapes in PowerPoint



 Mar 26 2023
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It would be great to have support for Connectors / Connection Shapes / Start and End Connections (cxnSp, stCxn, endCxn in the OOXML spec) in the Office JS API for PowerPoint. Currently you can draw lines, but there is no way to connect those lines to shapes, so the drawing lines seems to be less useful, as once you move a shape the line does not remain connected.


Thank you!

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Hey @BBX999 ,


have you managed to workaround this issue somehow?

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Hi @ChrisD1610,

Unfortunately, no, I was not able to find a workaround for this will respect to my particular use case.


I think there were some other open-source libraries, like this Python pptx library that I tried which includes some connector support:


However, the implementation does not seem to be complete, see here:


I also needed to control the path of the line in my use case, which was also not straightforward to implement, so I did not persist much further.


Hope that is helpful!